Monday, 9 June 2014

May 25th Bull Island Biodiversity Walk

On Sunday May 25th to celebrate Biodiversity Week 2014, (the theme of which is islands), IWT Dublin Branch had a walk on Bull Island to look at some of the diversity of creatures to be found in Dublin City's own UNESCO biosphere reserve. The walk was lead by Niall Mac Coitir and a variety of wildlife was found. There were wild flowers such as dove's foot cranesbill, and early purple orchid, and there were also birds such as meadow pipits and especially skylarks which put on a fine display with their singing.

Above all there were lots of creepy crawlies. The group saw the brightly coloured caterpillars of the white satin and yellow tail moths feeding on some of the native willow trees on the island, and the bright green beetle psilothrix cyaneus feeding on some oxford ragwort. A small pond along the way also revealed tadpoles, mayfly larvae, and whirligig and diving beetles. The walk ended with a short stretch along the seahore where some common seashells such as mussels, limpets, barnacles, razorshells and cockles were found. All in all a great example of biodiversity was on display!

Checking out the creepy crawlies on the native willow trees

A young IWT member holding a 'hairy Molly'
or 'Woolly Bear' caterpillar of the Tiger Moth

Looking at some wild flowers right beneath our feet

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