Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Green Drinks 5th February - Kildare Animal Rescue

This month we heard from Kildare Animal Foundation Wildlife Unit. They follow the principle of the 'Three Rs' - Rescue, Rehabilitate and return to the wild. No animal is turned away - from a badger to a dormouse, or from a swan to a pigeon!

Dan and Aideen offered advice for if you find an injured or orphaned wild animal - PLEASE DO NOT touch or pick it up unless it is in immediate danger. Please phone them (087 620 1270) or your local rescue centre first. If you need to move the animal place it in a quiet, dark and warm place. Then call for help. Offer only water – no other fluids.

Covering an injured animal will help reduce stress and keep it warm, but do not over handle the animal or bird. Put it somewhere quiet, dark and warm. Wild creatures are not calmed by contact with humans. Talking to them and stroking them can only increase their stress.

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