Tuesday, 14 January 2020

5th November 2019 - Green Drink Forum on Natural Capital

November's Green Drinks talk was by Jane Stout of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital. The Irish Forum on Natural Capital (IFNC) brings together a diverse range of organisations and individuals from academic, public, private and NGO sectors who are interested in the development and application of the natural capital agenda in Ireland.

Jane explained the concept of Natural Capital as follows:

'Nature underpins our very existence on this planet, but it’s being destroyed at an accelerating rate. Although we have ethical and moral reasons for protecting it, public and private bodies often make decisions that affect nature, without taking it into account. The natural capital concept uses the language of business and accountancy to make the case for nature – to make it and its many benefits visible in decision-making processes, and so that we can account for our impacts and dependencies on nature. It’s not about putting a price on nature or commodifying it, it’s about making nature count.'

It comprises the world's stocks of physical and biological resources, including air, water, minerals, soils, fossil fuels and all living things. These stocks work together to deliver ecosystem goods and services that in turn provide benefits to society. 

You can learn more about the Irish Forum on Natural Capital through clicking on this link.

The IFNC Team

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