Monday, 18 August 2014

Green Drinks 5th August - Fracking

This month the Irish Wildlife Trust Dublin Branch heard Richard Curtin from No Fracking Dublin explore the dangers of fracking and how this could have the potential to come to Ireland very soon as part of our energy mix.

Fracking has being hailed by the fossil fuel industry as one of great technical development in recent years, championed as the answer to energy independence for the US and Europe as well as the bridge fuel to the low carbon economy as well.

But fracking has many dirty secrets, everything from water and air pollution, human and animal health impacts, to false economic of the how process works, to the negative impact it has on the climate change.

Richard outlined the plans to bring fracking to Ireland, north and south. Initially the border region of Sligo/Leitrim and Fermanagh is being looked at, but there is the potential for more areas if fracking is allowed there first. However there is hope, as fracking is creating substantial opposition north and south. In Northern Ireland in particular, where proposals are more advanced, it seems that fracking may not proceed just yet, as a recent proposal from Fracking Company Tamboran has been turned down. An issue to keep a close eye on!
How fracking works 1

How fracking works 2

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