Friday, 5 September 2014

31st August - Heritage Week talk in Carrick Gollaghan Woods

Dublin Branch was over the moon with the large numbers who expressed an interest in our 2014 Heritage Event on Sunday 31st August. We took to the hills and forests of Carrick Gollaghan Woods and the old Ballycorus Leadmines and Chimney. We walked some of the Dublin Mountains Way, and travelled back in time to walk a length of the old Leadmines tunnels, and delved into the Valley of Death. The age of the group ranged from young children to mature years and this was ideal, given this year’s theme was families. Nearly all who joined us for the walk managed to walk the length of the tunnels helped by flashlights.

Along the way we snacked on blackberries generously picked by one of the attendees. As planned, we climbed the Carrick Golloghan to admire the views, discussed the role of pine marten in red squirrel conservation, the make-up of the local ground rock (quartz and granite), and the pros and cons of mixed broadleaf and coniferous woods. Upon reaching the dizzy heights (276m) we were overcome with the swarms of midges and within 10-15 minutes the decision was made to make a quick retreat downhill and return to our cars. Nevertheless a very rewarding day was had by all.


A great view from the top

Ballycorus Chimney

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