Sunday, 7 June 2015

June 2nd Green Drinks - Pollinators - why we need them

On Tuesday June 2nd the Dublin Green Drinks talk was by Dara Stanley of TCD Botany Department about how pollination by bees, hoverflies and other insects is being increasingly recognised as a important wildlife service with real economic value. However these services are being threatened by a range of human activity. Dara is involved in the SYMBIOSYS project which is looking at all these threats in Ireland and how our changing land use is impacting on our pollinators. Dara's talk was very interesting and received an enthusiastic response and a good turnout. Dara also passed on the following links which will be of interest to those wishing to pursue the topic further:

National Biodiversity Data Centre Irish pollinator initiative

All Ireland Pollinator Plan

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Count flowers for bees

Limerick’s buzzing

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  1. Most green drinks put exact amounts of each ingredient so I know how to compare and choose what is best for me. The Green drink I’m taking - I'm just hoping that it's better.