Monday, 30 March 2020

Green Drinks 4th February and Outing 1st March - Urban Foraging

The February Green Drinks talk was by Samuel Arnold, an artist who is passionate about foraging wild edibles. As a ceity dweller, he has adapted his interest to his environment and found that living in an urban landscape doesn't have to deprive him of this ancestral activity. Samuel will explain how he gets a lot out of foraging- not just fresh healthy greens, but also a truly rewarding experience in his everyday life. He would like for others to experience this and so will share some knowledge of his activities.

With foraging, edible ‘weeds’ we end up taking care and protecting wild pieces of land (even if this is contained within a small piece of derelict land). We form a relationship with land that is otherwise labelled as ‘neglected’ or disused. It is this type of ‘wild’ land that we so desperately need to allow insect life- and therefore bird life, and indeed human life to become sustainable.

In an urban setting, foraging can be a strong practice in community building, while gathering, preparing, preserving wild foods and materials into many various uses. It is an activity than can include all ages and abilities. 

Samuel also led a very successful foraging event on Sunday 1st March at Dalkey beach, who showed us some of the edible seaweeds and seaside plants that can be found.

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