Thursday, 25 October 2012

October 27th Phoenix Park Deer rut

On the 27th of October 2012 the IWT Dublin Branch met at 9am in the Phoenix Park to witness the annual Deer Rut. Despite the early start and the chill in the air there was a great turn out.  We started off at the Papal Cross car park and we walked towards the forest. Dr. Favel Naulty who has studied the Fallow Deer in the Phoenix Park for 10 years gave a very informative talk on the history and the behaviour of the deer. We saw a large group of deer emerging from the forest. We witnessed the males fighting with their antlers and heard the squeals of the young fawn’s callings for their mothers.  Dr. Favel answered many questions from the group and gave a great insight about the Fallow Deer. Thank you again to Dr. Favel and to all who attended.

Misty morning in Phoenix Park

Dr Favel Naulty explains about the deer

Face off in the Phoenix Park

Fallow Deer Phoenix Park

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